Laguna Beach City Election 2016

Village Laguna Endorsements for Laguna Beach 2016 Election

At the September 5 Village Laguna general meeting, Village Laguna endorsed Verna Rollinger for City Council, Laura Parisi for City Treasurer, and recommended a no vote on measure KK (which rescinds the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Laguna Beach.)

In a Press Release, Village Laguna urged a vote of No on Measure KK

Village Laguna also held a general meeting on October 24 to discuss Measure KK.  Laguna Beach Police Chief Laura Farinella and Council Member Rob Zur Schmiede provided information on the adverse impacts Measure KK and marijuana dispensaries would have on our community and how to spread the word in the last weeks before the election.

[ Verna Rollinger lost in her bid for City Council. Laura Parisi won her bid for re-election as City Treasurer. Measure KK failed. ]