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Founded in 1971, this non-profit mutual-benefit community organization began when concerned citizens opposed the construction of high rise buildings along the legendary Laguna Beach coastline and helped create Main Beach Park. Since then, Village Laguna's goals have expanded to encompass our mission statement to preserve, enhance, and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach; to foster community spirit and address social needs; and to  work toward restoring and protecting our ocean and coastal habitats. [See Legal Description]

Village Laguna hosts monthly meetings where you will find opportunities to learn and take action to preserve and enhance the village character of Laguna Beach. Visit our Calendar page for meeting dates and times.

Watch this video by Gary LeFebvre showing some Village Laguna Highlights.

Village Laguna and Laguna Beach: “The Truth about Village Laguna,” a column by Ann Christoph, plus an article on the designation of Laguna Beach as a Historic American Landscape


Village Laguna’s mission is to preserve, enhance, and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach; to foster community spirit and address social needs; and to work toward restoring and protecting our ocean and coastal habitats.


Our focus and resolve on current issues comes from years of

experience of solutions on past topics by embracing and

maintaining the community integrity and history of Laguna Beach.

Barbara Dresel, Village Laguna Scholarship Chair, presents the Arnold and Bonnie Hano Village Laguna Scholarship to Uma Bhatia at the Laguna Beach High School 2023 Honors Convocation.


Every year since 1978, Village Laguna has awarded a scholarship to a Laguna Beach High School graduating senior who shows leadership and involvement in activities that protect the environment and promote humanitarian goals.

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RE: Agenda Item No. 6.1 Downtown Specific Plan Phase II
Planning Commission:
Village Laguna has continuing concerns about the content and direction of this phase of the Downtown Specific Plan. Overall, we question why t

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Village Laguna Issues and Responses
Village Laguna Gets Involved making a difference in the community by principals that help maintain the integrity and history of our little town. Members have a voice that is brought to the City of Laguna Beach.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2023
after 5 p.m.

Village Laguna Membership Meeting
February 26 @ 7:00 pm
At the home of Johanna and Gene Felder
Please RSVP at [email protected]

Tuesday, February 27, 2023
after 5 p.m.

MARCH 2024

Village Laguna Board Meeting - 9:00am

March 2 | 9 AM | ZOOM

Tuesday - March 12 - City Council Meeting

City Council Meeting
Tuesday March 26, 5:00PM


Pressing Topics Regarding City issues
March 12 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Pressing Topics Regarding City issues
March 26 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Charm House tour will be Sunday, May 19, from noon to 5 PM.


Established 1971 to preserve and enhance the unique village character of Laguna Beach. (Archives)

February 2024

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February General Meeting Monday, February 26, 20247 p.m. Home of Johanna and Gene Felder 2680 Park Ave
Village Laguna Board Meeting Saturday, March 2, 2024 9.m. Via Zoom

December 2023

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Holiday Party
Board Election
Donations to Community
Monday, December 18, 6 p.m.
Congregational Church
340 St. Ann's Drive

October 2023

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Hospital Administrator Reports to Council on Planning Process
Interim City Manager to Speak October 23

Septmber 2023

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Village Laguna Supports
SensibleLaguna Against Intensification
on Park Avenue
ADUs and the Future of the Village

July/Aug 2023

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Annual Picnic Set for
August 28
School District’s Master Plan Undergoing Close Scrutiny

June 2023

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Leaders of Sensible Laguna - Speak on School District Plans
Historic House Cleared for Demolition after Appeal



Village Laguna is composed of volunteers who care deeply about the community, balancing pressures for new development with the preservation of those qualities that make Laguna special. By becoming a member you will have a voice in your community and be part of a group that supports local candidates that respect Laguna’s history and care deeply about the long-term future of Laguna Beach for our children. Attend our monthly meetings and become informed about your community’s needs. Recent changes in state regulations require Village Laguna to state the employer of individuals who donate $100 or more in any given year. "Retired" and "unemployed" are acceptable responses.  If self-employed, one must state the entity and position such as "President, Smith Incorporated".


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Village Laguna was founded in 1971 by concerned citizens opposed to the construction of high-rise buildings along the legendary Laguna Beach coastline. Our efforts led to the adoption of a 36-foot height limit that still protects our city’s unique atmosphere.